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SeriSafe Cabinet

The SeriSafe Cabinet is a storage cabinet for SeriDrums, SeriInks and all other consumables.

The SeriSafe cabinet enhances productivity by neatly holding the printing cylinders (SeriDrums) used by the print engine.

Each drum slot has been design with a sliding mechanism that holds the SeriDrum as it would be held within the Digital Duplicator print engine. The convienient height make it easy to insert and remove SeriDrums from the cabinet.

The SeriSafe has large sturdy wheels to handle the weight of 12 SeriDrums and consumables and is also fitted with a handle for easy manuverability.

The SeriSafe eliminates having SeriDrums loose in cabinets lying around the SeriPrinter. In addition, the door is made of a special UV filtered material to protect your SeriDrums from exposure to light.

SeriDrums Type 50, 80 and 90.

SeriSafe Cabinet

Compatibility SeriDrums Type 50, 80 and 90
Height CM 120.000
Length CM 82.000
Width CM 55.000
Capacity 12 SeriDrums, SeriInk and master material
Weight Kgs 73.500
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