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What is the fastest print speed?
A maximum speed of 130 A3 or 11x17 per minute.
How many ink colours are available?
13 Standard colours are available. A custom colour service is also available, please see the consumables section of this web site.
Can the ink colour in a drum be changed? If so what is the best way to do this?
Yes, the ink colour used in a SeriDrum can be changed. However it is advisable to change to a colour of similar strength.

For example changing from a dark colour to a light colour will take more time and more ink than changing from a light colour to a dark colour.

Run the old ink out by putting the new ink cartridge into the drum and then creating a 50% tint over an A3 or 11x17 page. You may need to extend the leading edge to prevent wrap jams. Depending on the colours being changed, the print speed and the paper being used this method should change the colour within approximately 300 impressions.
When I switch on the SeriPrinter it gives a Paper jam 3 error.
Check that a sheet of paper is not rolled up under the lamp box. If this is not the lamp box detection sensor may require cleaning or replacement.
During printing a paper jam 4 error occurs.
This jam occurs when a sheet of paper is not detected exiting the machine.
1. Check the paper size is not too narrow or too short.
2. The 3rd vacuum bed sensor may need cleaning or replacing.
Where can I purchase spare parts and consumables?
Spare parts and consumables can be purchased directly from Seriprint - ZipRIP (UK) Ltd. on this website. Select the spare parts or the consumables links and view all products available.
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