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SP25 Technical Bulletins
Date Description PDF
SP TBN00002 10 February 2004 Installation Manual V2.03 - adjustments to certification, packaging and transportation.
SP TBN00003 10 February 2004 Operators Manual V1.2.2 - improved graphics and minor corrections.
SP TBN00004 10 February 2004 Advisory on the position of the Docking Bracket in the packaging.
SP TBN00007 13 February 2004 Operators Manual 1-2-3 - addition of speed control operation procedure.
SP TBN00012 04 April 2004 Parts Catalogue 1-5 - addition of SeriDrum conversion parts.
SP TBN00013 06 April 2004 Operators Manual 1-2-4 - additional section on the master eject box operation.
SP TBN00014 26 April 2004 Parts list updated to include the mains inlet assembly.
SP TBN00016 01 June 2004 Parts Catalogue 1-6 - addition of mains inlet assembly.
SP TBN00025 05 November 2004 Operators Manual Version 1-2-5 - additions to storage advise and manual speed display.
SP TBN00026 05 November 2004 Serivice Manual version 1-0-8 - maintenance table and doctor roller gap setting added.
SP TBN00036 19 April 2005 Spares Parts List Revision 8.
SP TBN00037 16 June 2005 Parts Catalogue Revision 1-7, Spares Parts List Revision 8-1 for spare parts assemblies.
SP TBN00038 27 June 2005 Parts Catalogue 1-7-1 released for spare part assembly part availability.
SP TBN00044 02 November 2005 Parts Catalogue 1-7-2 - for new lamp box detection sensor parts.
SP25 VDE Technical Bulletins
Date Description PDF
SPV-TBN001 16 July 2006 Parts Catalogue V2.0-1 - update for SP25 VDE and accessories.
SPV-TBN004 19 July 2006 Operators Manual V2-0.1 - min and max papaer size specification for SP25 VDE machines.
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